Brian Mingolleli, CNS World Literature teacher

Meet The CNS Class of 2016

"This year's senior class cannot be described in just one way. They have the perfect marriage between work and play. They certainly know how to have fun and crack jokes in the classroom, but when it comes down to it, they have this ability to flip the switch and put out amazing pieces of work. Their ability to think critically also puts me in awe. It's something I have yet to see in a senior class until this year."

T h i s  Y e a r s  c l a s s  o f  2 0 1 6

College or University of choice:  U.S. Merchant Marine Academy


Intended major: Marine Systems Engineer


Activities: Football team captain, lacrosse team captain, honor Society member


  " What I love about my senior class is our willingness to accept different      people. I never see bullying and it honestly makes for a great school  experience."



Jake "Big j" erickson

Joy Darko

College or University of choice:  Fashion Insitute of Technology


Intended major: Marketing


Activities: Honor Society, DECA, Optimist Club, Class Of 2016, Executive Board


"This year I've really been able to find myself, and as my world is getting more serious I am seeing the big picture of my future. I am just so thankful I have my fellow classmates beside me as we enter the real world."



jimmy "big j 2" hong

College or University of choice:  SUNY University of Buffalo


Intended major: Business Administration


Activities: Class of 2016,  Honor Society member


"My favorite part about our class is that I get to share this wonderful experience with a great, diverse group of people"



College or University of choice:  Utica College


Intended major: Nursing


Activities: Optimist Club, Varsity Cheerleading


"My class and my friends have helped me grow as a person this year.  I finally realize my potential in life."



Ciara Mitchell

College or University of choice:  Bard College


Intended major: Political Science


Activities: Lacrosse, Optimist Club,  Honor Society Member


"My lacrosse team has become my family. I've come to love every single one of them and being on the team has been the most fun four years of my life. I've also come to love myself."



Clayton "bern" Scott